BMW i3 on charge



When driving a BMW i vehicle, every household socket, or the purpose-built BMW i Wallboxes are your re-fuelling stations. And when you’re travelling you’ve access to 4,000+ public charging stations, via ChargeNow. Some of which will re-charge the BMW i3 to 80% in around 40 minutes.

BMW i3 on charge with the supplied cable


If you can park within 5m of an electrical socket, you can charge a BMW i vehicle. The charging cable included (a 13-amp plug to type-2) will plug directly into your household mains sockets and recharge to 80% capacity in about ten hours, with a BMW i8 taking considerably less. To make re-charging easier, there are two variations of the BMW i Wallbox, which are available as accessories. Both Wallbox variations create a dedicated home charging facility.

The Wallbox Pure will re-charge the BMW i3 to 80% in under four hours and a BMW i8 to 80% in under two hours. The Wallbox Pro charges in an identical time, but has a 7” colour LCD touch display making it simple to use and allowing charging histories to be recorded and exported. Also, it can optimise the charging process to use any renewable energy available (such as your installed solar panels), for maximum emission-free charging.

BMW i Wallboxes

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BMW i3 on charge at a public charging station


With the BMW i3, you can use both alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) public charging stations. As well as broadening you charging options, it also enables you to charge the BMW i3 faster. A DC public charging station delivers a constantly powerful current allowing charging to 80% capacity in around 40 minutes. The BMW i8, with its smaller battery is not suitable for DC charging.

Other public charging stations require the use of a public charging cable, available as an accessory. Using this to link to an AC Rapid station charges the BMW i3 to 80% capacity in around three hours, while an AC Fast station will do so in around four hours. The BMW i8's smaller battery is only suitable for charging at an AC Fast Station, and will recharge in 1-2 hours.

The ChargeNow network has a large number of public charging stations that are compatible with the BMW i vehicles. These are accessed via a ChargeNow card, which for a monthly subscription provides access to the UK’s largest charging network. Stations are easily found via the map in the Navigation System, and used via a swipe of the card. 

Approximately 80% of the charging points are free to use. There will be some chargeable posts, although these cost just 9p per kWh excluding VAT - cheaper than the average cost of charging at home.

Public charging cable accessory