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All BMW Convertibles - except the BMW Z4 - have four seats, a boot large enough for small luggage items, and plenty of cubbyholes around the inteterior for essential odds and ends. There are options on the BMW 2 Series and 4 Series Convertibles for more flexible cargo carrying reqirements, while the boot on the BMW 6 Series is one of the largest in its class. And the BMW Z4 has, unlike most of its rivals, space for a set of golf clubs in its boot.


The BMW 2 and 4 Series Convertibles feature four seats and a boot that's capable of holding small suitcases - in the BMW 2 Series  335 litres with the roof up,  280 litres with the roof down, while the BMW 4 Series has a boot capaity of 330 litres with the roof up, 220 litres with the roof down.

Both models have a through loading option, which enables transport of longer items, such as sports equipment, as in both cases the rear seats fold down to create a 450 x 231 mm (BMW 2 Series) opening. In this configuration the back of the rear seats becomes the loading floor.

In the case of the BMW 4 Series, there is also the option of keeping the rear seats in place, but opening the centre flap, so allowing transport of long thin items, such as skis, at the same time as rear seat passengers.

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All BMW Convertible models feature a host of storage spaces and pockets throughout the cabin, ideal for storing travel essentials. The boot storage areas of the BMW Z4 and BMW 6 Series Convertibles are larger than their class rivals' - the Z4 has 180 litres with the roof down and 310 with it up. There's also a load-through option for long narrow items like skis.

The BMW 6 Series Convertible's boot has a volume of 350 litres - enough for two sets of golf clubs with room to spare. In the cabin there's a glovebox, storage in the centre console, plus door bins and cup holders.

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