comfort and safety in the BMW Z4 Roadster.

Focus on the important things. The services from BMW ConnectedDrive provide intelligent support and make sure all necessary information is available in the cockpit for maximum convenience, leaving the driver to enjoy the incomparable driving experience of the BMW Z4.

Real Time Traffic Information.

In addition to the data sources that already exist today, the innovative service from BMW ConnectedDrive also uses municipal traffic data and movement profiles from mobile phones in the cellular network in order to calculate continuously updated traffic data in real time. With this feature in your BMW Z4, you will always be able to react in time to adverse developments on your route.

As soon as the navigation system detects a problem, it informs you via the Control Display about all the important details. For example, where – to an accuracy of 500 m – is the congestion? In addition, the system calculates the probable delay you can expect to your journey as a result of the traffic situation.
However, the high quality of information is not achieved solely through transmission in real time but also by the coverage of the recorded road network. In addition to the motorway network, Real Time Traffic Information includes almost all the important roads in towns and cities as well as cross-country connections.

Prerequisites for the use of Real Time Traffic Information are the Professional Navigation system, the mobile phone preparation with Bluetooth interface and BMW Assist. Showing the traffic flow in the vehicle display requires the ‘grey map’ option in the navigation system to be activated.
BMW Z4 Roadster Information Plus

Information Plus.

BMW Information Plus service provides you with individual support when choosing your destination and planning your journey. A member of staff is always available at the BMW call centre to give you detailed travel information and send the address of your destination directly to your navigation system. This option is only available in conjunction with BMW ConnectedDrive Services. 

This service can be used for 3 years after the initial registration and can be renewed at any time.

BMW Online.

Travelling is wonderful, especially when you’re fully informed all the time. You reach your destinations on time and without detours, and know where to find the nearest hotel or a good restaurant. At home, you would most likely find everything you need to know with Google. And now you can do the same in your BMW with BMW ConnectedDrive.

As of now, any information you can find on the web can be accessed directly from your BMW with BMW ConnectedDrive and Google. Are you looking for a hotel? The system automatically recognises your car’s location and destination, and immediately provides you with an overview of search results close to your position. All you need to do is press a button to transfer one of the results to your navigation system and you’re already driving in the right direction. You can also display pictures of your destination with the Google Panoramio image service – or explore the area in detail with Google Street View. Almost as if you’ve already arrived before you actually get there.

Google Maps is also ideal for anyone who prefers to plan their trips at home. Simply take advantage of Google Send to Car from BMW Assist to send the results via internet to your navigation system. Whatever way you choose to plan your trip, BMW ConnectedDrive makes sure it’s a good one.

BMW Z4 Roadster Routes

BMW Routes.

Whether you're on winding coastal roads or exploring idyllic country lanes, the most inspiring routes from across Europe are available in the BMW Z4 at the touch of a button via BMW ConnectedDrive.
As a BMW Online user, you can access all routes free of charge at and transfer them to your navigation system. The navigation system acts as your travel guide, taking you from one place to the next and providing information in written and visual formats − which, thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive, is always right up to date. Of course, you can also plan your own route on your PC with Google Maps™ and transfer it to your BMW Z4.
BMW Z4 Roadster Remote Services

Remote Services.

Remote Services provide access to certain remote functions via the BMW call centre, or a smartphone with the My BMW Remote App. These functions include locking and unlocking your car, as well as locating the car within a radius of 1.5km.

Remote Services are only available in conjunction with BMW ConnectedDrive Services.

BMW Z4 Roadster Park Distance Control in the BMW Z4

Park Distance Control.

The Park Distance Control in the BMW Z4 gives you a clear view in unclear situations.

The optional Park Distance Control (PDC) allows confident parking even in the tightest spaces. Ultrasonic sensors measure the distance between the car and the obstacle. An acoustic signal warns you of possible dangers to reduce the chances of parking damage. In combination with the navigation system, this information is also shown on the Control Display. A simple colour system shows the distance in green, yellow or red – making it easier to judge how much space you have.