Wherever you’re going, the BMW X Series will help you get there with a broad range of on-board innovative technologies. These will support you in a variety of ways, delivering convenience, comfort and safety. All of which leaves you to enjoy the most important things – the car in your hands, the road ahead.

Drive Assist.

The Drive Assist feature is an example of BMW using technology to enhance passenger safety. It combines the camera-based Lane Departure Warning and Approach and Pedestrian Warning systems with City Brake Activation.

The Lane Departure Warning detects lane markings and alerts the driver to unintentional lane changes at speeds above 43mph through vibrations in the steering wheel. If you’ve indicated before changing lanes though, the warning is not activated.

The Approach Warning with City Brake Activation detects vehicles in front when they get too close. When there’s a risk of collision, the Approach Warning triggers a two-stage warning – a symbol in the instrument cluster lights up, then there’s an audible warning.

In the event of pedestrians in the car’s path the Pedestrian Warning triggers a warning and also preconditions the brakes for a faster response. If a collision is inevitable, the system applies the brakes.

The Drive Assist Plus feature (only available with Steptronic transmission) includes not only Approach Warning and Lane Departure Warning, but also Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function. On motorways in both stop-start and stable traffic flows it takes much of the hassle out of driving. Note that it’s only available in conjunction with the Business or Professional Navigation System.

Approach Warning responds in stages. Depending on whether a vehicle ahead brakes suddenly or a stationary object is detected, the reaction ranges from a visual signal, to active braking, even bringing the vehicle to a complete standstill, if necessary.

The camera-based cruise control with Stop&Go function can be activated between 20 and 85 mph in order to maintain the set speed and the distance to the vehicle ahead – if necessary, braking the vehicle to a stop. If it has a clear line of sight, the vehicle recognises vehicles cutting into the lane and other possible disturbances, and smoothly adjusts the speed. If the tempo picks up after a brief stop, the cruise control automatically takes care of the acceleration, while after longer stops, the vehicle waits for the driver's command.

For speeds outside of the cruise control range, or if weather conditions are impacting the camera too negatively, the cruise control can still be used without regulating the distance to the car ahead.

BMW X Series Head-up Display

Head-up Display.


The full-colour BMW Head-up Display projects useful driving information directly into your line of sight, so you can concentrate on the road ahead. Displaying information from the Professional Navigation System and notifications from the Speed Limit Info, it will also display infotainment information including the current radio station, track titles, phone book entries and call lists.

Projected information displayed in high resolution and full colour, with realistic traffic symbols. Brightness and intensity are automatically modified to suit the external light conditions and the system also features night-time and day-time modes. 

The iDrive menu lets you configure the setting and displayed information to your personal tastes, or lets you switch it off altogether. Note that the full-colour BMW Head-Up Display is not fully visible if you’re wearing polarised sunglasses.

Professional Navigation System.

The Professional Navigation System is perfectly integrated into the iDrive Controller and Control Display and features a sleek design and a superior range of services. The system can be used hands free and comes with a USB interface and voice control, the BMW Professional radio with DVD drive, as well as a 20 GB memory for audio files.

Using the iDrive Touch Controller is intuitive and natural; its touch-sensitive surface allows the driver to enter destination addresses by simply tracing out words with a finger. There are also direct menu control buttons, eight functional bookmarks, plus the option of voice control. And with a three-dimensional map display that uses satellite images as a map background – with photo-realistic depictions of selected sights – navigation becomes an exciting visual experience.

Camera Systems.


Thanks to the optional camera systems, every parking space becomes simple to navigate. This is because with Surround View and the Rear View camera you can always see the entire area around the vehicle. In addition, Park Distance Control (PDC) at the front and rear gives visual and acoustic signals so that you can park easily and safely.

Gitted as standard, the Reversing Assist Camera lets you see the area behind the car in the Control Display panel. Interactive lines indicate whether the chosen parking space is big enough for the car and provide assistance during parking by marking areas in colour.

Surround View uses a number of carefully placed digital cameras to enhance your vision, giving you the ability to see a 270° around the vehicle with Top View, Side View and Rear View cameras.

Top View displays the areas on the side of the car for more convenient manoeuvring, while Side View allows for safer navigation of areas with low visibility like exits or confusing intersections.

BMW X Series Park Assist

Park Assist.

Park Assist takes the hassle out of parallel parking and parking in bays. The system measures any potential spaces you pass at a low speed (below 21 mph). When a large enough gap has been found, simply turn on the indicator and Park Assist will take over the steering while you operate the accelerator, gears and brakes.

Glare-free High-beam Assistant.

With Glare-free High-Beam Assistant (only available with Adaptive LED Headlights or Adaptive Headlights), night driving is safer and more comfortable. It provides excellent visibility in the dark without dazzling other drivers, as the system detects other road-users and selectively excludes them from the high-beam headlight distribution. Beam ranges of over 400 metres enable you to spot hazards earlier and forget about dipping for oncoming drivers.