BMW M4 Convertible


The design of the BMW M4 Convertible.


Fusing together racing genes with the timeless elegance of every BMW convertible that’s come before, the BMW M4 Convertible stands in a class of its own. Both inside and out, carefully selected design elements bring the character of the car to life, with features such as the muscular wheel arches and the power bulge on the bonnet giving the car an added presence.  And provides a taste of what the driver can expect: pure, unadulterated adrenaline. With BMW Business Navigation, BMW ConnectedDrive Services and three years' subscription to BMW Online and Real Time Traffic Information as standard.

BMW M4 Convertible on the race track

Standard Specification.

The BMW M4 Convertible comes with an impressive standard specification. To find out exactly what’s included, download the detailed specification below.



The high-performance BMW M4 Convertible is just longing for speed. Imposing air inlets at the front indicate the enormous volume of air that cools the M drive train and combined with the Powerdome, it delineates the contours of the turbocharger engine and impressively showcases the car’s concentrated power.

Thanks to the M grills, Aero Curtain and Air Breather, together with the M exterior mirrors and sporty contours, the BMW M4 Convertible exudes the aura of a highly trained athlete. At the rear four bevelled tailpipe finishers deliver a clear message: with the hard-top is down the BMW M4 Convertible is ready to redefine open-air driving.


Discover the design and dynamics of the BMW M4 Convertible.


Interior design.


In the BMW M4 Convertible’s interior, the redeveloped M seats with their shell shape and illuminated M logo give the driver and front passenger total comfort and security. They offer perfect side stability, and their clever use of ergonomics enables a direct connection between driver and vehicle.

All control elements in the cockpit are orientated around the driver and guarantee intuitive and precise operation. The M leather steering wheel and M gear shift lever adding the finishing touches to the package.


When the retractable hardtop opens, there’s a palpable increase in adrenaline levels. This is followed by maximum driving satisfaction, with typical M high performance combining with the freedom that only a convertible can offer.

When closed, the hardtop integrates seamlessly into the coupé like roof line of the BMW M4 Convertible. Its ingenious design is not only a visual highlight, but also provides increased safety and guarantees muted exterior acoustics, even at high speeds.

BMW M4 Convertible exterior mirror

M exterior mirrors with additional LED indicators.


Aerodynamically optimised, the M exterior mirrors play a key role in the car’s design. Separated from the body by two gracefully formed supports, the mirrors are precision components built to the highest standards. The additional translucent LED indicators are fitted perfectly into a long, narrow groove, ensuring that every element is seamlessly integrated into the design.

BMW M4 Convertible with M seats and Air collar


The M seats in the front of the BMW M4 Convertible offers varying levels of lateral support and numerous functions that can be adjusted electronically. The vehicle's sporty flair is emphasised via an illuminated "M" logo in the integrated headrest.

The width of the backrest on the sport seat, which is upholstered in high-quality fine-grain Merino leather, can be electronically adjusted to get the perfect driving position. The seat length and seat height, along with the inclination of the backrest and seat surface, can all be electronically regulated; thigh support is manually adjusted.


The redeveloped and weight-optimised wheels of the BMW M4 Convertible are both an eye-catcher and a statement. Even the standard 18-inch M light alloy wheels with V-spoke in Ferric Grey make this clear. The 19-inch M light alloy wheels with double-spoke are optionally available in Ferric Grey or Black and allow a glimpse of the powerful M Carbon Ceramic Brake System or M compound brakes with M logo.

Whichever variant you choose, you’re guaranteed to have maximum tracking stability: the standard mixed tyres on the BMW M4 Convertible don’t just improve the muscular appearance of its rear, they also optimise steering and grip.