There’s technology seamlessly integrated throughout the BMW i8 to connect vehicle, driver and the outside world, boosting safety, security, comfort and convenience.

Connected Mobility.

With innovative BMW i ConnectedDrive solutions, you will always be connected to the best route, all your contacts, a BMW i Agent and the car itself (even when you’re nowhere near it).

BMW i Remote App.

The BMW i Remote App connects your BMW i8 to your smartphone so you can find out its location and charge level, lock it, and even set your ideal temperature before you get in your car.


BMW i Navigation

BMW i Navigation.

The BMW i8 Professional Navigation System, including BMW i ConnectedDrive services for navigation, has been specially developed to make driving as easy and comfortable as possible. The navigation system also tells you where your nearest ChargeNow charging stations are.

Real Time Traffic Information provides precise information on the current traffic situation. Using data from movement profiles from the cellular network, and GPS data from vehicle fleets, smartphone apps and police reports, it knows the fastest route and guides you along it. It provides updates on the traffic situation in real time, and to the nearest 100m. 

BMW i8 in the city, aerial view

BMW TeleServices.

This allows the BMW i8 to communicate directly with the driver or a BMW i Agent, indicating any necessary maintenance issues. Drivers are notified automatically as soon as a service appointment is due and can also contact their BMW i Agent personally at any time.

Concierge Services.

Concierge Services from BMW ConnectedDrive puts the BMW Call Centre at your fingertips while you’re on the road*.

Whether you’re looking for a particular restaurant, the nearest cash machine or an emergency pharmacy, a BMW Call Centre agent is always on hand to help and can send address details directly to your car’s navigation system on demand. Concierge Services operates independently of the driver's mobile phone and is available at home and abroad, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

*Concierge Services requires the ConnectedDrive Services equipment package and is available to purchase as an optional extra.

Battery Guard.

As an owner of a BMW i8, you receive support from the Battery Guard, which monitors the high-voltage battery. It will let you know of any unusual activity, such as when the vehicle’s lights have been left on too long.


There are a number of extremely convenient options for charging your BMW i8, from home charging to a network of stations when you’re out and about.

Home charging.

You can easily charge the BMW i8 at home with a BMW i Wallbox Pure or Pro, both of which complement the unique design of the BMW i8. The BMW i Wallbox Pure ensures that the charging process is simple and reliable, and ensures your BMW i8 can be charged in less than two hours (0-80% state of charge)*.
The BMW i Wallbox Pro has a 7” colour LCD touch display and proximity sensor. It also provides a charging history, and with an optional internet connection can export individual charging reports. When installed with the optional energy meter, the BMW i Wallbox Pro can be intelligently integrated into your home energy supply. Additionally, where renewable energy can be used (e.g. from solar panels) the BMW i Wallbox Pro optimises the charging process to make best use of what is available. 
To find out more, please contact your BMW i Agent or our BMW i Customer Information Team on 0800 064 0360.
* Depending on the local electricity infrastructure.
A green energy contract gives you the ability to purchase your BMW i8’s electricity from regenerative sources, so even charging up can be emission-free. 
BMW i8 in the city

Public Charging.


ChargeNow is a unique service that gives customers in the UK access to the largest nationwide network of public charging stations with a single card – the BMW i ChargeNow card. Charging stations in the ChargeNow network are displayed, along with their live availability, via BMW i ConnectedDrive in the navigation unit, making it quick and easy to find and use public charging stations.
BMW i8, rear 3/4 view

Charging whilst driving.

In the non-electric driving modes, the high-voltage battery is charged directly by the petrol engine. Most energy is fed into the battery in SPORT mode, and during acceleration and braking. If you are driving in eDrive mode, the high-voltage battery is charged exclusively through Brake Energy Regeneration.

If you use the BMW i8 for daily commuting of 40-50 miles, the petrol consumption amounts to approximately 56mpg* if you start your journey with a fully  charged high-voltage battery. This means you can enjoy driving pleasure in a thoroughbred sports car every day while at the same time benefiting from the same consumption as a city car.
The BMW i8 also offers exceptional efficiency on long routes. Depending on the charge level, petrol consumption can still remain above 35mpg*, meaning the i8 makes for a welcome guest on your next holiday trip.

When you switch to SPORT mode, the petrol engine supports the battery in the charging , helping to guarantee full system performance at any time. As a result, the overall real-world consumption is up to 23mpg* – approximately one third higher than a conventional sports car with comparable performance.

*Figures may vary depending on different factors, including but not limited to individual driving style, climatic conditions, route characteristics and preconditioning. The BMW i8 is a plug in hybrid electric vehicle that requires mains electricity for charging.


Safety in the BMW i8.

Introducing a whole new concept in safety, designed for the world’s most progressive sports car.

BMW i8 Carbon Fibres

Carbon Fibre.

The high-strength carbon fibre passenger cell not only protects passengers, but also safeguards the high-voltage battery located between the two parts of the Drive module against external influences.

Driver Assistance Systems.

Using a camera based support system, the i8 removes all the blind spots from driving. If a person or an obstacle is detected at low speeds, it automatically decelerates. If you’re at risk of a rear-collision at higher speeds it warns you.  Surround view and Side view camera systems make parking easy. Plus, the High Beam Assistant and Speed Limit Info help make every journey safer, so you can see every situation, from every angle, all the time.

Head-Up Display in the BMW i8

BMW Head-up Display.

The information you need, right in front of your eyes: BMW Head-up Display projects driving information onto the windscreen in full colour. Speed limit information, no-overtaking indicator, radio stations, telephone directories and more. It keeps you informed, adapts to lighting conditions and keeps your eyes on the road.

BMW i8 in the city

Standard specification.

The BMW i8 comes with an impressive standard specification. To find out exactly what's included, download the detailed specification below.

You can reach the Customer Information Team on 08000 640 360 or via email