The BMW i8 The BMW i8


The power to perform.

Explosive acceleration, tremendous agility, revolutionary efficiency, with a powerful combination of an electric motor and a petrol engine. Built with BMW eDrive technology, the i8 is one of most innovative sports cars of our time, delivering efficiency and dynamism in equal measure.

Driving modes.

The BMW i8 offers a variety of modes to either maximise its efficiency or allow it to fully express its sporty personality.

BMW i8 dashboard showing charge and boost


COMFORT mode gives you all the power you need as soon as your foot hits the pedal, starting and pulling away electrically, but activating the combustion engine over 37mph

BMW i8 dashboard showing ECO PRO mode

ECO PRO mode.

ECO PRO mode fully optimises the efficiency of the BMW i8. It adjusts the accelerator and transmission, as well as the heating and cooling systems, to ensure you get as many miles out of as little fuel as possible. Purely electrical driving is possible up to a speed of 37mph and for a range of up to 23 miles.

BMW i8 dashboard showing SPORT mode

SPORT mode.

For a more dynamic drive that maximises the BMW i8’s capabilities as a sports car, the driver can use the gear lever to change to SPORT mode. This activates vehicle settings that are especially suited to sporty driving – for example the accelerator is programmed to react spontaneously, and maximum energy is conserved during accelerating and braking.

The BMW i8 eDrive The BMW i8 eDrive


Pressing the eDrive button adapts the BMW i8 for purely electric driving. This is possible in the COMFORT and ECO PRO modes. In the COMFORT mode with eDrive, the BMW i8 drives without support from the engine. Purely electrical driving at speeds of up to 75 mph is possible with eDrive.

Powerful Plug-in Hybrid System.

The electric drive, a powerful 131hp motor, is located on the front axle. In contrast, the rear axle is driven by a powerful BMW TwinPower Turbo 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine. These two drive systems combine to accelerate the BMW i8 from 0 to 62mph in 4.4 seconds – with fuel consumption of 134.5 mpg, and CO2 emissions of 49 g/km.

Intelligent Energy Management.

The astonishing efficiency of the BMW i8 is a result of the perfect interplay between BMW eDrive technology and the BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine. Both elements adapt to the driving mode and situation, while energy regenerated during driving and braking increases the distance that can be driven in purely electric mode.

The BMW i8 Four-Wheel Drive The BMW i8 Four-Wheel Drive


With the eDrive button pressed, 100% electric driving is possible in the BMW i8, with power coming via the front axle only while a high-performance three-cylinder engine works at the rear axle. The hybrid mode allows the intelligent combination of both, providing optimal traction in every situation.