The BMW 1 Series 3 Door


Driven by innovation.

From constant connectivity to maximum efficiency, the BMW 1 Series 3-door features a wealth of ground breaking innovations that set it apart from the rest of its class and enhance every aspect of the driving experience. Plus, with an extensive range of optional technologies, your car can be perfectly tailored to your life and style.
BMW Navigation Packages

BMW Navigation Package.

The BMW Navigation Package is now standard with every model of the BMW 1 Series, providing the following features for the ultimate in innovative connectivity: BMW Navigation, BMW Emergency Call and BMW TeleServices.

ConnectedDrive Services.

Standard across all 1 Series models, BMW ConnectedDrive Services intelligently connects vehicle, driver and outside world, providing information and entertainment in a variety of effortless ways. The BMW Apps Interface allows the use of supported BMW and third party apps from a compatible device.
BMW Online connects you to current, location-based information such as weather and news, as well as travel and hotel guides for wherever you may be heading. Send-to-car functionality sends destinations found on the ConnectedDrive portal directly to the navigation system. A three year subscription to BMW Online is included with all new BMW 1 Series models.
BMW ConnectedDrive Store is an essential hub of services and apps that have been specially developed to suit the needs of BMW drivers.
Online Entertainment, included as part of Media Package - BMW Professional, gives you instant, unlimited access to the perfect tunes for every journey. 22 million music titles are available inside your car, without the need for any other device. Plus, as part of Online Entertainment, you will be given a one year account with any BMW music partner of your choice (e.g. Spotify), which can be used in six different European countries (Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands) at no extra cost.

Real Time Traffic Information, included as  standard, provides precise information on the current traffic situation. Using data from movement profiles from the cellular network, and GPS data from vehicle fleets, smartphone apps and police reports, it knows the fastest route and guides you along it. It provides updates on the traffic situation in real time, and to the nearest 100m. 

It also calculates any likely delays and recommends detours, and will keep you informed at all times so you can avoid tailbacks and road closures. Where ever your journey takes you – motorways, major roads, country roads or inner-city routes – Real Time Traffic Information gets you there faster.

Driving Assistant

Driving Assistant.

The Driving Assistant package spots danger before it’s too late. It includes:
Lane Departure Warning. This will alert you when you’re unintentionally leaving your lane (i.e. when the indicator hasn’t been activated), by vibrating the steering wheel.
Forward Collision Warning. At speeds above 10mph the car uses a camera to monitor vehicles ahead, warning with an optical and acoustic alert if their approach could escalate into a rear-end collision. Above 30mph the brakes are pre-conditioned for maximum power.
City Collision Mitigation. If the vehicle in front brakes heavily, this system will perform three steps, firstly showing a warning symbol, secondly emitting an audible warning and finally lightly applying the brakes.
Preventive Person Protection. This gives you a warning when a pedestrian is in the road ahead and pre-conditions the brakes for a faster response. In the event of an emergency, the system will actually apply the brakes.

Park Assist.

Park Assist takes the hassle out of parallel and bay parking manoeuvres. The system measures any potential spaces while driving past at a low speed (below 21 mph). When a large enough gap has been found, you simply turn on the indicator, Park Assist will then take over the steering while you continue to operate the accelerator, gears and brakes.
BMW Active cruise control with Stop&Go function

Active cruise control with Stop&Go function.

Experience the next level of cruise control. The BMW 1 Series 3-door will not only maintain a selected speed, but will also keep a safe distance from the car in front. The vehicle will take over accelerating and braking, even to standstill, and will also precisely account for another vehicle entering the lane. This offers greater comfort and safety, especially in heavy traffic.
BMW Remote Services

Remote Services.

Stay in the driving seat when you’re nowhere near your car. With Remote Services and the free MyBMW Remote App (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store), you can lock and unlock your car, see its location (within a radius of 1.5km) and send destination addresses to the car’s navigation system for later use.

Available to download in the App Store

Available to download in the Google play store

BMW xDrive

BMW xDrive.

BMW xDrive is an intelligent four-wheel drive system that adapts perfectly to even the most challenging road surface conditions. It works in perfect harmony with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) to quickly distribute drive power between the front and rear axles in just one tenth of a second. This ensures all the advantages of a four-wheel drive system - outstanding traction, directional stability and safety - combined with the incredible agility you expect from a BMW.