The BMW 1 Series 3 Door


The design of the BMW 1 Series 3-door.

The BMW 1 Series 3-door isn’t just an updated version of its predecessor, it’s a car with a completely new look and a refreshing new attitude. Its sporty character has been brought to the fore, with key elements of the exterior reshaped, replaced and redesigned. Inside, high spec comes as standard, with high-gloss black and chrome details that will put a smile on your face before you even start the engine.


exterior design.

Redesigned LED headlights.

The LED headlights on the BMW 1 Series 3-door (standard on the M Sport and a cost option on other models) perfectly introduce the car’s refreshing new character. They are slimmer and closer to the central kidney grille, giving a more striking, sporty appearance. The Corona Ring Four-eye face Daytime Running lights ensure you will always be seen, while the cost option of High Beam Assistant (automatically dipping when oncoming traffic is detected) and adaptive headlights (illuminating around an oncoming curve before the car has even turned) make driving even safer.


At both the front and the rear, the bumpers of the BMW 1 Series 3-door have been re-shaped to express a sportier personality. Each has sculpted lines that give the car a broad stance on the road, while emphasising the dynamic air inlets at the front and the wider exhaust at the back.


For the first time, the BMW 1 Series 3-door has taillights that are instantly recognisable as BMW. The classic L-shape, with a split two piece design brings it in line with every other series. This gives the rear of the car a completely new look, with the longer, slimmer proportions of the taillights creating a broad, sporty appearance. Two LED-lit lines run through both sections of the lights, giving subtle definition.
The BMW 1 Series 3 Door - Front

Redesigned kidney grille.

The iconic BMW kidney grille has been remodelled to fit with the sportier look of the BMW 1 Series 3-door. It is wider, allowing it to work in perfect visual harmony with the redesigned LED headlights, giving the front of the car more character and poise. The frame of the kidney grille shows tantalising flashes of chrome and its bars are sculptured to catch the eye from every angle. From the basic model upwards, the new kidney grille provides an air of exclusivity.



Each model; Sport, M Sport and M Performance, features an alloy wheel design specific to that car. These ensure that each model has its own unique personality, and that the wheels are perfectly matched to the aesthetics of each exterior.


Like many of the the BMW 1 Series’ design features, the exterior colours bring a vibrancy and sportiness to its appearance. Liquid Blue has been replaced by Platinum Silver, a neutral tone with a distinct warmth. Sparkling Bronze has been replaced by Sparkling Brown, a dark tone with an irresistible shimmer. Both are thoroughly refined, head-turning finishes.


The exhaust pipe on the BMW 1 Series 3-door is 5mm larger on all models, reflecting its sporty intentions, with the 120d featuring double exhausts. Additionally, in the Sport model an extra light catcher around the exhaust area rounds off the dynamic look that dominates the rear of the car.


High gloss surfaces.

Surfaces that were previously matt are now high gloss throughout, adding a premium feel to the interior wherever you look, with galvanised accents perfectly complementing this high-spec finish.


The new instrument display is greatly improved, with a high resolution 5.7-inch display that puts all the vehicle information you need right in front of you. You will be given visualisations of data including your current fuel consumption, how many miles until the car’s next service, as well as lane change guidance and essential speed limit information.


The BMW 1 Series 3-door features automatic climate control, Professional Radio and iDrive, all as standard, making every drive an intuitive experience that allows you to be informed, productive and relaxed. 

New trim and upholstery for Sport model.

A stunning new range of trim and upholstery options is available to accentuate the sporty character of the BMW 1 Series 3-door. For the Sport model, the intricate, detailed woven cloth combination Corner/Corso adds a crafted sophistication to the interior. In the Urban package, the new cloth and leather combination Metro/Dakota offers a striking black and white look that fits seamlessly into city life.


BMW ConnectedDrive is the intelligent linking of vehicle, driver and outside world. It makes sure you’re always connected. The BMW 1 Series 3-door has BMW ConnectedDrive as standard, so depending  on the car's specification you'll experience the benefit of 4G capability for navigation, active cruise control, free automatic map updates, Park Assist (for both parallel and bay parking), Drive Assist, Bluetooth and audio streaming.
As well as these services, BMW Apps are also available as standard. BMW leads the way in in-car apps, connecting you to a greater selection of music, news, information and social networks.

Real Time Traffic Information

Included as standard, Real Time Traffic Information provides precise information on the current traffic situation. Using data from movement profiles from the cellular network, and GPS data from vehicle fleets, smartphone apps and police reports, it knows the fastest route and guides you along it. It provides updates on the traffic situation in real time, and to the nearest 100m.

It also calculates any likely delays and recommends detours, and will keep you informed at all times so you can avoid tailbacks and road closures. Where ever your journey takes you – motorways, major roads, country roads or inner-city routes – Real Time Traffic Information gets you there faster.